January 21, 2010

Went out with my husband yesterday on our day off with the cameras and we went to one of our favorite spots… This was just added not too long ago in front of a store in a small strip mall…


  1. what fun statues…Love how they are chained together – did they just get out of jail??? LOL…sad that is what we have to resort to to quit stealing! 😦 Fun image though!

  2. Those are all “guy” – nice capture. It is a shame that such a nice sculpture needs to have the distracting chains. I hope it’s temporary and that they can bolt them in place permanently someday soon.

  3. Great shot for masculine, what an interesting sculpture. I agree with Tammy and Karen, I hope the chains can be removed.

  4. Love this! I agree with Kim – it’s hard to believe we’ve come to putting chains on sculptures to keep them from being taken.

  5. The men and table appeared to be chained together, but they don’t seem to be chained to the ground …. maybe the chains are an artistic statement! Nice take on the theme, A!

  6. And here I thought they are convicts!!
    Very nice shot.
    What is the material of the sculptures?

  7. Haha, I thought they are convicts at first too. I like that in the picture – that it makes me think about who they are and why they are chained. An artistic statement or to prevent stealing?

    Nice shot!

  8. Hello
    It is a nice shot, and I too think that the chains is a part of the sculpture. Isnt it interesting how the chains have made us think about it and write to each others in this blog about our thoughts. I think that it is the artist wish.

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