Pretty In Pink

January 15, 2010

This was taken the same evening as the pattern sky. I love the different shades of pink..



  1. That is a great picture, awesome color!!

  2. Stunning! Those colors are amazing! Great shot.

  3. That looks like a watercolor painting…breathtaking!

  4. Beautiful! It’s hard to capture a sunset near my home that isn’t highlighted with highway signs or power lines. Your exposure on this is wonderful – it really captures the intense colors.

  5. Nice night sky and the colors are really good.
    Are those Florida pines on the right.

    • Yes they are John… I live in south east Florida, north of West Palm Beach..

  6. The colors are gorgeous!

  7. Isn’t it facinating how the sky can change in a short time. I like the last picture with the trees in front. It gives depth to the picture,.

  8. This is wonderful — I looked at this whole series that you’ve taken and it looks like you waited and go all of the colors. I love the wistfulness of upper band of white! Excellent

  9. Thanxs loads for all the great comments on this sunset…

  10. I agree with every, A. This is a wonderful shot. I particularly like the composition, with that group of trees in the right corner. Lots of interest here!

  11. What a great shot! I love how the clouds captured the pink and purple!

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