Texture… Smooth and Porous

January 7, 2010

He was just out enjoying the afternoon sun after a morning of rain showers….Really needed to zoom way in on him.



  1. I guana go to the Galapagos one day to see what Darwin saw, this is a great shot, of solar heating hard at work.

  2. Thanxs Ron… He is just a local folk, just down the road apiece…

    • My sister lived in the country and when we went to go for dinner at a Pub just down the road a piece, at 60MPH it took us an hour and a half to get there.

  3. I think I would freak out if he lived down the road from me…..you are one brave gal! Wonderful capture – he does look to be sunbathing!

    BTW, welcome to the challenge – looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  4. Great use of the theme. Looks like it is enjoying the sun.

  5. Welcome! Great shot on this guy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before never mind down the road apiece!

  6. Oh that one is too cute! 😀 Great picture for the theme.

  7. Nice composition but I agree with Tammy – not what I’d like to have as my neighbor! I’d be a bit startled if he crawled out of my garden. I’ll stick to my bunnies and box turtles.

  8. I love this shot. Nature at it’s best. I’m not from your group but thought I would say hi!

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