Hello World!

January 5, 2010

Please bear with me, while I try a new learning curve to start the New Year off…. As you can guess, I have never even attempted to do this sort of thing. So as I learn my way around the site, I hope you will join me in a few laughs and follow me on my virtual photowalk. I really hope to make lots of new friends in the coming months…..



  1. Hello Andrea, welcome to the photowalk, and commiserations at being included in my group, hope you like having fun as well as learning.


    • Don’t worry about Ron – he may pick on you a little but he’s watching out for us in his Dynamic Group! Welcome to our world!

  2. Hello Andrea!!! So glad you are here. I love your header!

  3. Hey A, Your blog is pretty, can’t wait to see what you see on your PhotoWalk!

  4. MsKaty….Thanxs for the compliment on the header…Thats one of the photos I took in Vero at sunrise! I’m happy to be here…little nervous…

    • That is a beautiful shot in your header. Welcome to the photowalk and group D. No need to be nervous – we’re all here to have fun and learn and it’s going to be a great “walk” this year.

  5. Kim…I’m anxious to get this going….Gotta check out our groups blog and get to know them….

  6. Welcome to the Dynamic Group D, A!!!

  7. Hi there and welcome to the dynamic D! 😀 I just have to say that your header is awesome. /Viktoria

    • Thanxs for the welcome and the comment on my header…. That was taken at sunrise in Vero Beach. I live on the east coast of Florida and we have some awesome sunrises…

  8. Sorry I missed you earlier and welcome to the group.
    Looking forward to your postings and learning some great things from you.

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